Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Geometry: 2-3 (Thursday)

The deceptive moon ninjas have returned wielding wakizashis, and Spock has no choice but to destroy them with lasers. IF the moon ninjas had made it to the engine room, THEN the dilithium crystals would have been stolen.

Finish this statement so that it means the same thing: IF the dilithium crystals haven’t been stolen, THEN ___________________________.

Read 2-3 in the book, and work the following problems: # 2-12, 20-56 and 64-68 even

Finally, what conditional did you create in the first part of this assignment?

Extra Credit: Complete one or both.
Biconditionals - These are just if-then statements that go both ways. Answer problems 1-5 on p. 81.
Gadget Security - this is probably familiar, but in math it's called "matrix logic", and we'll see it again tomorrow.

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