Monday, November 23, 2009

Geometry: 2-6 (Monday before Thanksgiving)

First: Too many properties! Time to start a binder for all these, and some other notes we'll have throughout the quarter. Get a binder from the science room, they're next to the geometry books. We're sharing notebook paper with Government, so if you need some get it from the bin marked American Government.

Start taking notes - you'll at least want the statement types from p.77, and note down the properties from 2-5 and 2-6 as you read it. Anything in here can be used on the tests, and we'll have our first test next week!

Read 2-6 and note down those properties!

Compost Math: Last time, Algebra 1 students used the formula (100 x 15% + H x 40%) / (100 x 1.5% + H x 1%) = 30/1 which can also be written (15 + 0.4H) / (1.5 + 0.01H) = 30 to find how many grams of hay (H) per 100 grams of kitchen scraps would be needed to get the carbon/nitrogen ratio in the compost to 30:1 (30 grams of carbon/1 gram of nitrogen).

They found that 300 grams would be needed for 100 grams of scraps, which is a lot! We might need newspaper instead...

What I want you to do is to create a formal (two-column) proof to show that H=300. Start with one of the formulas above, and use the properties from 2-6.

Then move on to these problems: #4, 6, 10, 14-24 even, 30, 32, 38-44 (40 & 42 explain in terms of conditionals and laws), 50, 52.

Extra credit: 26, 28, 34, and 35.

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