Friday, December 04, 2009

Geometry: 3-3 (Friday)

Slopes of Lines

1. Read 3-3

2. Go to Google Earth and look southeast of the U.S. to the Caribbean again. Notice Kingston, in modern Jamaica, and Port-au-Prince, in modern Haiti. When Blackbeard sails his 7 free frigates from Kingston to Port-au-Prince, plundering merchant ships along the way, what is the slope of the line he makes? (note that at the bottom of the screen the latitude and longitude of your mouse is shown) When he flees from the Spanish Armada on the way back to Port-au-Prince from Kingston, what is the slope of that reverse course?

3. In 3-3, work problems 2-12 even, 16-22 even, 32-36 even, 40, 50-52 even, 56-60 even, 66-72 even

Extra Credit: Problems 24-30 even, 38, and 42-46 even

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