Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Geometry: 5-1 (Wednesday)

Bisectors, Medians, and Altitudes - This and 5-2 will be on the test, keep updating your notes!

1. Read 5-1

2. The smells accompanying the captivity of over a hundred human beings are slowly washing out of the lower deck. One of the freed slaves, nicknamed Gunnel Sally by the ship's newly appointed captain, contemplates the triangular mizzensail. Three ropes run from its corners to a point near its center. After careful observation, Gunnel Sally notices that the ropes are all the same length. What is the name of their meeting point?

3. In 5-1, work problems 2-10 even (hint for 6: look at what you've learned about perpendicular bisectors. hint for 10: you will need to show that triangles EAD and EBD are congruent), 16-24 even, 34-38 ALL, 42, 46-54 even.

Extra Credit: # 14, 26-30 all.

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