Monday, December 14, 2009

Geometry: 4-5 (Monday)

ASA and AAS Congruence

1. Read 4-5, and fill out your repertoire of different kinds of triangle congruence. Get this stuff in your notes! SSS, SAS, AAS, and ASA, along with other postulates and theorems that we're using.

2. Blackbeard was beaten back by the Spanish ships guarding Maracaibo, but luck favors the bold! He catches a slave ship transporting their human cargo to that city, and the entire crew surrenders! He maroons them on the Spanish Main (the mainland) and many of the slaves join him in piracy. NOTE: This part is historically realistic, although his assault on Maracaibo is not.

He fills the hold with cannon at the nearest pirate haven, and sails off. Let's take a look at the new ship. Download the pirate ship here and take a look at it in SketchUp.

This ship has three triangular sails stretched between the mainmast and foremast. If the points at which they attached to the mainmast form angles of 40 degrees and 100 degrees, what third piece of information would prove the triangles congruent?

3. In 4-5, work problems 4, 8, 18, 22-28 even, 32-40 even

4. ALSO read p. 214 "Congruence in Right Triangles" and work problems 1-5 as the last part of your assignment

Extra Credit: #14, 19, 29, p. 214 Congruence in Right Triangles #8 & 10

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