Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Geometry: 3-6 (Wednesday)

Quiz tomorrow! The last couple assignments will be marked down after tomorrow, so get them in! You may want to talk to me about taking a book home.

Perpendiculars and Distance

1. Read 3-6

2. A derelict vessel is drifting toward a Vulcan mining station. Spock, having become aware of this danger, beams aboard the vessel, hacks the controls, and attempts to steer it away from the collision.

In the plane defined by the vessel's trajectory and the station, the vessel, starting at the origin (0,0) with a slope of ½, comes within mere meters of the station's fragile drill assembly, at (5,8). How close did it get?

3. In the book, work problems 2-14 even, 24, 34 - 44 even (draw 34!)

Extra Credit: Problems 18-22 even, 29, 30, 32.

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