Monday, December 07, 2009

Geometry: 3-4 (Monday)

Point-Slope Form and Slope-Intercept Form for Lines

1. Read 3-4

2. Captain Blackbeard's flagship has 65 hogsheads full of freshwater storage. If his crew consumes 2 hogsheads worth of water per day, write the equation for this consumption in slope-intercept form.

Head again to Google Earth and the Caribbean. Captain Henry Morgan sacked Maracaibo decades earlier, but Blackbeard thinks he can do it again. After filling his hogsheads full of freshwater in Santo Domingo, he sails south toward Maracaibo on the mainland. Using the coordinates of the two cities (to the nearest degree), find his course in point-slope form.

3. In the book, work problems 2-30 even, 36-42 even, 46, 47, 54-64, 69, and 70.

Extra Credit: Problems 31-33, 43, 44, 50-52, and the following:
If Blackbeard spots a merchant vessel ripe for plunderin', and sails off from Santo Domingo at a slope of -0.5 in search of it, where might he ultimately end up if he just keeps going? (pay attention to coordinates)

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