Thursday, December 17, 2009

Geometry: 5-2 (Thursday)

Inequalities and Triangles - Remember to study for the test tomorrow! Also, the last few assignments are due at that time, finish them up tonight if you want full credit for them.

1. Read 5-2

2. Gunnel Sally likes hanging out under the shade of the mizzensail after her shift of watch atop the high crow's nest, because there are fewer people at the back of the ship. Mostly just the captain and officers, who ignore her. One of the exterior angles of the triangular mizzensail measures 130 degrees. What interior angles is this angle definitely larger than? Justify your answer.

3. In 5-2, work problems 4-14 even, 22-26 even (remember angles that are part of another angle are by definition smaller than it), 32-40 even, 45, 56, 62-68 even.

Extra Credit: # 1, 16, 28, 46, 57, 58.

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