Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Geometry: 5-4 and 5-5 (Tuesday)

Triangle Inequalities
Spock: "But Mister Kemp, we aren't finished with yesterday's assignment. Now we're supposed to do a double-assignment today, too?"
Mister Kemp: "I know. Trust me, it'll be okay. Tomorrow we'll have some time to finish it all up."
Spock: "Yay! I'm going to get on Farmville and-"
Mister Kemp: "THAT BEING SAID, the Chapter 5 quiz will be first thing on Thursday, and you will need to be ready for it! And these last two assignments are slightly longer than usual. Use your time wisely!"

1. Blackbeard takes his fleet from Maracaibo up to Kingston, and then heads for Nassau in The Bahamas. If the trip to Kingston is 500 miles, and from there to Nassau is another 600 miles, what's the furthest it could possibly be from Maracaibo directly to Nassau?

2. Read 5-4 – Keep track of these theorems in your binder! Make sure you understand the concepts before moving on to the problems! Get my help if you need it.

3. In 5-4, work problems 2-10 even, 44, 52.

4. Read 5-5

5. The cannons on the new ship can be raised to aim higher in the air. Gunnel Sally notices two cannons next to each other, the first raised to a high angle and the second cannon at a very low angle, almost parallel to the deck. Which cannon's mouth will be farther from the deck, and which theorem proves this?

6. In 5-5, work problems 4, 6, 12-16 even.

Extra Credit: 5-4 # 34, 36, and 46. 5-5 # 8, 9, 28, and 30.

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