Monday, January 18, 2010

Geometry: 7-5 (Monday)

Angles of Elevation and Depression

Read 7-5 – this is just further application of SOH-CAH-TOA. Final Test in 2 days!

The alchemist sees Sally lurking outside his shop, and after a brief chat, hires her on as a servant. Today, she must fetch sulfur from the inland cliffs. After a half a day's trek, she reaches a cliff edge that looks down on broken rock dotted with yellow sulfur. If the cliff is 200 feet from the sulfur rocks, and the angle of depression is around 10 degrees, about how high is the cliff edge?

In 7-5, work problems 4-20 even, 28-44 even. Finally, go outside and find the height of the apartments next door! You'll need to find the angle from your eye to the building - talk to me to get help with the Angle of Elevation Device.

Extra Credit: # 19, 21-25 all. (21 is hard – you may need to draw a picture AND write an equation)

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