Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Geometry: 6-5 (Tuesday)

Today we're looking at more proportions between similar triangles. We'll have a quiz tomorrow, so keep those notes up to date and study tonight!

Read 6-5

After waking, Sally remembers she's in a strange town, in a stable. The roof of the stable is shaped the same as the roof of the inn next door. It has a short, steep side, and a long, shallow side. A vertical beam runs from the bottom to the top of each roof. If the stable's roof is 10 feet wide with a 6 foot beam, and the inn's roof is 25 feet wide, how tall is the inn's beam?

In 6-5, work problems 2-6 even, 12-18 even, 24-28 even, 34, and 40-46 even.

Extra Credit p. 324 # 1-5 – Sirpenski Triangles, an introduction to Fractals (you don't need to draw the triangles, if you can calculate in your head)

If you have time, check out these 3D fractals.

Additional Extra Credit
: I'm planning on skipping Fractals. However, anyone interested may do 6-6 #4, 7-13 all, and 42 for a half an assignment's worth of extra credit.
FINALLY, if you do 6-6 first, you can also turn in a full-page fractal of your design (something iterative, at least mostly self-similar, and school appropriate) for another 5 points. It should include at least 5 stages.

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