Friday, January 08, 2010

Geometry: 6-3 (Friday)

Similar Triangles

Read 6-3 – Keep your binder up to date with these theorems! VERY similar to the congruence theorems, but instead of ASA and AAS we simply have AA – any two congruent angles makes it similar!

The mainmast on Gunnel Sally's ship is topped by a triangular sail. A reefline cuts across it, and that line is exactly parallel to the base of the triangle. Is the triangular top section of the sail similar to the whole triangular sail? Why or why not?

In 6-3 work problems 2-10 even, 20, 26-32 even (on 28, start by looking for more right angles and parallel lines), 36, 40, and 50-60 even.

Extra Credit # 41, 42 (think about the city context), 45, and 46.

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