Monday, January 11, 2010

Geometry: 6-4 (Monday)

Today is Parallels and Proportions!

Read 6-4 – Now we can cut triangles into proportional sections! Tomorrow we'll look at more parts of triangles, and then Wednesday we'll have a quiz over all of Ch. 6.

As Blackbeard's flotilla resupplies at Santo Domingo, on the island of Hispaniola, Gunnel Sally slips out into town. By the time she returns, the ships are gone! She sleeps in a stable, and has a terrible dream. A giant is running after her! Its right leg is longer than the left and swings out sideways, but both of its knees brush the rooftops as it runs after her. When she wakes up, she finds comfort in triangles and proportions. What can be said about the monster's lower and upper legs?

In 6-4, work problems 4-16 even, 20-24 even, 28, 46-60 even.

Extra Credit # 18, 26, 35-37

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